Merchants Bancard Network

Q: What is an authorization and where does it come from?

A: An authorization verifies only that there are sufficient funds available on a credit/debit card for a particular purchase. An authorization does not guarantee the user’s identity. The authorization number is obtained from the card-issuing bank, not MBN. A credit card authorization is valid for ten (10) days, debit/check card authorizations are valid for three (3) days.

Q: How do I update the time on my terminal?

A: Remember to always input the correct time in your terminal in Military format HHMMSS
(hour, minute, second).

Verifone VX 520
Press LILA4 and Enter
Choose EDIT F4
Scroll down with LILA2 select TIME SETTINGS F4
Type in the new values and press ENTER

Verifone VX 670
Press ENTER, choose SET UP
Enter your password if prompted
Once Setup menu has loaded,
Scroll down to DATE/TIME
Follow prompts to enter values in format requested

Déjavoo V8
Press ENTER, use down arrow to scroll
to UTILIT, press ENTER
Select SETTINGS, press ENTER
Use yellow & backspace key to clear current settings
Input the correct time and date

Ingenico 220
Press F, select TELIUM MANAGER
Scroll down, select INITIALIZATION
Select PARAMETERS, then select DATE AND TIME
First Data F35
Select NO, press CLEAR
Enter new values

Q: Who do I contact to order more supplies?

A: Please contact one of our Merchant Service support staff at 866-496-5009.
We will be happy to place an order for you between 8a – 5p PST.

Q: How do I update my merchant account information?

A: Based on the changes you are requesting, additional documentation and/or terminal updates may be required. Please contact one of our Merchant Services support staff at 866-496-5009.

Q: How do I get Visa, MC, AMEX decals, stickers, and other signage for my business?

A: Please contact us at 866-496-5009. and one of our friendly support staff would be happy to order any of these items for you if we do not have them in-stock.

Q: A card came back declined? What does this mean and what do I do?

A: A declined (or approval) message comes directly from the card-issuing bank. If the cardholder confirms there are sufficient funds on the card, they will need to contact the issuing bank to discover the source of the hold, and why the card was declined. We do not recommend attempting to run this card again until cardholder has contacted the issuing bank. With identity theft on the rise, issuing banks are being more careful than ever about placing holds on cards experiencing abnormal purchase activity.

Q: I received notice that a cardholder is disputing a transaction, what should I do?

A: Gather as many documentation as you can related to the transaction in question. Refer to your notification for the case number and provide the necessary documentation requested. If you would like to speak with someone further, please contact us and ask for help with your chargeback at 866-496-5009. Have your merchant ID number and case number available when you call. The written documentation to support your rebuttal to the claim must be mailed or faxed to MBN within 10 days of the IC date located on the bottom right corner of the Chargeback Debit Advise document. It is important to include this debit advice document with your rebuttal, and to get this required paperwork to us within this time requirement to increase our ability to defend your position to the card issuer, and Visa®/MasterCard® should the need arise.

Q: What time do I need to batch or settle my terminal to process transactions same day?

A: Transactions need to be settled in your terminal or gateway by 5:00pm PST in order to process for that day.

Q: How do I accept American Express cards?

A: Please contact our Merchant Services team at 866-496-5009. and we would be happy to help you add American Express to your existing account with us or enroll in a new merchant account that accepts this card type.

Q: How long does it take to receive deposits for my card transactions?

A: Generally deposits will post to your account within 1-3 business days, but can vary somewhat based on specific account information.

Q: When are fees deducted for my card transactions?

A: The end of month total fees are generated on the last day of each month. These will post to your bank account within 2-4 days of the first of each month.

Q: I need help understanding my statement, where can I get assistance?

A: Your MBN Merchant Handbook provides detailed information about your merchant statement and how to read it, with example statements outlining key terms. If you do not have a paper copy of your Merchant Handbook available, you can access it online here – MBN Merchant Handbook. You can also check our Merchant Q&A Forum for an answer to your specific question, or ask your question in a new thread. If you still have concerns about your merchant statement please call our Merchant Services support team and we would be happy to help at 866-496-5009.

Q: How do I complete my PCI DSS Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ)?

A: There are multiple versions of the PCI DSS SAQ to meet various business scenarios. The SAQ consists of two components: a set of questions corresponding to the PCI DSS requirements for your type of service account, and, an Attestation of Compliance certification. Please e-mail us at merchants@merchantsbancard.com to request your SAQ, or if you need immediate assistance, call customer support at 866-496-5009.

Q: Why can’t I split a transaction?

A: In accordance with Visa®/MasterCard® governing regulations, merchants must not divide a single transaction into two or more smaller transactions. Processing more than one sales transaction through your terminal for a single, signed draft is not permissible.

Q: Why can’t I use my own credit card on my terminal?

A: Merchants must not use their own credit cards, and/or any cards they are authorized to use to process transactions at their own merchant locations, or through their electronic terminals. This use is deemed a cash advance, which constitutes a contract violation, and is prohibited by Visa®/MasterCard® and can result in termination of your merchant account.

Q: What are my responsibilities for providing services or products?

A: A merchant should present sales data once the good have been shipped or the services have been provided, but NOT BEFORE. If MBN, or the acquiring bank requests a copy of sales drafts, credit drafts or other transaction documentation, a merchant must send copies within three (3) calendar days from the date of the request.

Q: How long must I keep transaction records?

A: You must retain copies of all bank transactions processed through your merchant account for a MINIMUM OF THREE YEARS. By retaining these copies, you will meet the interchange system requirements and minimize the risk of chargebacks. We recommended that you maintain your records for SIX YEARS to fully protect yourself from loss, and any possible tax audit complications from the IRS.

Q: How do I change the bank account for my deposits?

A: We will need a copy of a preprinted voided check on your new deposit account, plus your signature for verification purposes. You can mail this check and signature to us at Merchants Bancard Network, Inc. 25322 Rye Canyon Ave. St. 102 Valencia, CA 91355.
If you do not have any checks yet for your new deposit account, please call us to discuss another possible option toll free at 866-496-5009.

Q: What is my monthly volume?

A: A merchant’s monthly volume is an approved line of credit with MBN and its acquiring bank. If a merchant exceeds that approved volume, it is necessary to re-evaluate the account. This review may result in delay in some transmissions of funds and interruption of services. It’s best to contact our Merchant Services department ahead of time if you would like to apply to raise your monthly volume in order to not exceed this amount.

Q: What is ‘factoring’?

A: Factoring occurs when merchants allow someone to use their merchant account and/or point-of-sale equipment/software to process transactions on behalf of another business. Merchants who do so violate their Merchant Agreement and Visa®/MasterCard® regulations, and risk losing their credit card acceptance privileges with any processor. Considered a criminal offence in some states, factoring is the process of credit card draft laundering. This includes processing credit card transactions for other businesses which you may own (in whole or part) of for which you are an officer. You must maintain separate merchant accounts for each individual business.

Q: What is a chargeback, and why should I avoid them?

A: A chargeback is the reversal of a previous transaction in which the cardholder or card issuer disputes the transaction. MBN will also receive a chargeback from the card issuer when they feel a merchant has violated a standard Visa®/MasterCard® Operating Regulation. Common reasons for chargebacks are not having receipt of a requested item, a return credit not processed, duplicate processing where a cardholder was charged double, and missing imprints or failure to obtain a magnetic swipe of the credit card. More detailed information about how to avoid them can be found in our MBN Merchant Handbook.
Are you interested in adding features or opening a new merchant account? Our expert support team can help you discover the right tools for your business, call us today at 866-496-5009.